Move over Mario, Rayman is the king!

User Rating: 10 | Rayman Legends PS3
I've loved rayman since I played the first game on ps1 when i was 5. This is by far his best adventure yet. AMAZING artwork, its absolutely beautiful. Like any rayman game, the soundtrack is superb and this one has a Medevil vibe to it aswell as other variations later on. the game play is smooth, the animation is perfect and the platforming top notch. There is tons of variety and content.Some levels are fast paced, some where you take your time solving little puzzles and finding all the teensies and Lums and others has you jumping and sliding to the beat of an awesome song! This is up there with the Last Of Us as my favourite game this year, terrific!!

The game is also very challenging at times, but the checkpoints are forgiving and it never gets frustrating at all. the boss fights are inventive and the Co-op is the best in a 2D paltformer. A few online modes would have been nice but as it is, Rayman legends is perfect as far as im concerned.