One of the best platformers ever. Rayman Legends is a must-buy for everyone.

User Rating: 10 | Rayman Legends PS3

Rayman Legends Review (PS3)


+ The gameplay. The controls are so smooth and responsive, and the game itself is platforming at its best. Imagine Rayman Origins, but with even more punch.

+ The graphics. Legends' art design is amazing. I thought Origins was the bomb when it came to looks, but Legends kicks it to a whole new level with a lot more detailed and epic style. This is eye candy.

+ Level design and level themes. While the levels become really chaotic towards the end, the level design is up to the high standard of the franchise. Legends never fails to surprise. You never know what you're gonna get in the next level. And what's great is that Legends refuses to recycle the same jungle stages over and over again. Instead, it brings whole new themes to the table like hilarious James Bond spy levels, epic Ancient Greece levels and medieval castles.

+ Superb co-op. Rayman Legends is an absolute joy to play with a friend, no matter if you're smacking each other around through stages or carefully precision jumping together. The single player is awesome, but the co-op kicks things to a new level of fun.

+ Sound. Epic soundtrack, maniacal sound effects and hilarious voice acting, it's all there.

+ It offers challenge. Legends never underestimates the player, offering a tight challenge throughout the game. If you fail, it's always down to you, not some game design bug.

+ Music levels. There were some crazy ideas used in Origins, but Legends' music levels may just top them all. They need to be seen and heard to be believed.

+ Back to Origins. Yes, Legends also includes most of the levels from Rayman Origins with only a handful missing, so you basically get two games in one. And the levels have been remade with the graphical style of Legends.


- Practically non-existent story. The Rayman series has never been about the story, but it is once again really silly in Legends... not that I even care.

- Frustrating at times. Especially for new players, Legends may offer too much challenge, and even experienced platforming game fans will have their hands full with some hectic levels.

- No mosquito levels. Alright, I'm clutching at straws here, but I really liked them in Origins and they didn't return!


Rayman Legends is one of the best platformers of all time and a must-buy for everyone. Beautiful art, phenomenal gameplay and whimsical sound all come together to form a package of pure joy.

Score: 9.5