Rayman Legends Review

User Rating: 8 | Rayman Legends XONE

Picked this up for free with the games with gold deal and it is worth it! First off the movements in this game are great and its such a pleasure moving through out each stage and the scrolling combat feels so good. The Level design is fantastic in Legends, with fluid progression and hidden areas to find teensies and coins. The ending missions of each painting are probably the best levels in the game, they are quick paced and have a great score that matches your traversal to the area i couldn't get enough of it. Boss battles are well designed to and make good use of the game play mechanics. There is a sizable amount of content in this game and after roughly 25 hours into the game i still have teenies to go back and collect. whats also great is that Rayman Origins is bundled into the game too so basically two games in one is what your getting. Art direction is nothing special but nice to look at and different from some of the games you will see. Unfortunately if your looking for a great story to immerse yourself in this will not do it for you, but as a pure platformer Legends is extremely fun and well worth your time.