Rayman and friends return to save the Teensies in a superb old school 2d romp.

User Rating: 9.5 | Rayman Legends PS3
The game starts out as the Teensies have been captured and placed in either cages or tied up and scattered around the various worlds. Rayman and co have to save them.

The gameplay is basically the same as before you rrescue Teensies and try to collect as many Lums as you can.Collecting Lums unlocks loads of stuff like characters to more lums to even old levels from the previous game but you must acquire the right amount to get a scratch card to do so.

The levels have loads of Teensies about so you must use Raymans moves to the best of your ability and find them. Getting a certain amount unlocks new levels and worlds for you to tackle. A new edition to the game is a level called Invaded which is where enemies are in the level and you must race to the finish line in a certain time limit to free the required number.

Another new feature is Challenges and by achieving levels of Awesomeness which is beating certain levels and worlds to rank up and tackle multiple challenges ranging from how fast you can get a certain amount of Lums to seeing how far you can go in an area. Doing these adds you to the Leaderboard and you get a Bronze,Silver,Gold and even a Diamond Trophy rank once the time has ran out to get you best score and that adds extra Lums depending on how high you rank up against your friends and other people around the world. It's very addictive.

Some levels you get a helper called Murfy to help move certain obstacles and whilst he does to a good job on PS3 and 360 it is the Wii U version where it helps most. The bosses are massive and well designed to and might take a couple of trys to do.

Are there any flaws well yes the levels will normally take more than 1 try to do especially the Invaded levels and sometimes if you mash buttons whilst having Murfy around it can some force you to make a mistake.

The game has amazing graphics and beautiful enviorments and the music is very catchy in some levels it basically sometimes goes with the beat or jump you are going to and one level in particular has a tune from one famous film.

Overall about 8 hours to complete but the Challenges collecting all the Lums and getting all the collectables will keep you going for a long time.

Overall a masterpiece in platforming a superb 2D platformer than doesn't mess around with to much it's predecessor did. Just added a few more things for a bigger game,better graphics and most of all longer replay value. If you love your platformers give Rayman Legends your time. You won't regret it.

Overall Score 9.4