Rayman Legends overpriced for $60?

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I just played the demo on PS3 last night and i can confidently say that while it's fun in a old school, PS1/Super Nintendo kind of way... the game should only be priced around the $10-$15 range.. but Ubisoft is charging $60?  why charge so much for a game that looks like it was out on PS2? it should be downloadable only and no more then $15.. what does everyone else think?

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I think you're a dumbhead.
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Games are judjged by their fun factor and how much you get out of them.  Not how many pretty 3D pixels they push.  Wake up OP.  

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yep! you are part of the reason the video game industry won't innovate!

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Well, if you think 60 bucks is too much and can stand Uplay, get the game on Steam dude. It costs only 40 bucks and per-purchase will get a free copy of Rayman Origins, will consider them both 20 bucks as a fair price?