Rayman Legends greys out option to continue, save glitch

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Rayman Legends (PS3) does not let me choose "continue"

Purchased the digital version from the EU store

The first instance, I rescued a 100 teensies, my game save worked fine, and the next time I played, it would not let me continue, I was forced to start a new game again.

The second instance, I kept my internet connection disabled, the game seemed stable, but after rescuing 600 teensies, one day my save file would not load again, the option to continue greys out. This is very frustrating. Rayman Legends needs a patch to fix this save file issue

And No I did not select new game by accident :(

Is there any work around on this? The save file is there on my PS3 hard drive and PS+ cloud, but the game wont let me select continue