Sucky with everything in it

User Rating: 1 | Rayman Arena GC
Ray man arena could only be described as "adequate", Rayman Arena seems much more appropriate on the Garbage bin. The gameplay is the same, HORRIBLE,but the controls feel more intuitive and very jerky. Graphically, it suffers from brief bouts of slowdown which it so derserve if you rent,buy,touch,lick,pee,or poop on it.Its so horrible.The combat is just so wrong.Tell you the truth,I do not know why i am trying this reiew for oh,this so horrible,disguting,guileless,sucky,worst excuse of a thing call video game.let take it out of the video game category and put it in a category called Vrap.Its that horrible i have to name the category after poop.Whats in it?This game,aquaman,superman 64,gozilla.HOORAY,YOU GET A REWARD.A TRIP TO THE VRAP BIN!W00TNESS!You are everything i didn't want!YAY!Now,wheres my axes,so i can hack these games in oblivion?!