This game is fun, good to go back too, and it is different from other Rayman games.

User Rating: 8.2 | Rayman M PS2
This game is fighting in a 3-D environment. There isn’t a story mode which makes it different from most games. You can unlock characters but not that many, and you can also unlock a couple of different skins for each character too. There are different sets of levels which are the last thing to unlock. You fight with a variety of weapons, and they are all different. This game includes different kinds of fighting modes, and racing too. This game is fun, and there are not that many games like it, which makes it something to try. Another good aspect is the addition of multitap, which this game is good for. This game might be a good game to rent and see what it is like, but because it is cheap, you might want to just buy it if you were thinking of that.