Great fun for two players

User Rating: 9.2 | Rayman Arena PC
I've read the review posted by Jeff Gerstmann and I'm sorry but are we even playing the same game? I don't know if the version I have has in some way been updated but to pick up on a few points: I found the interface to be simple to use. I've played it both single player with a joypad (Saitek Rumble Force, no problem to configure) and multiplayer using the keys and found it very responsive, not to mention simple to control with only three buttons really worth worrying about. The graphics are top notch and the sound is good if not excellent but with some funny little moments. I have had no problem with settings not saving from one sitting to the next so the menu system is a pleasure. I have found Rayman Arena (or Rayman M as it's called here) is a great fun game to play for two people sitting at a single PC, a rarity in itself. If you have a friend you really want to have a bit of fun with but who isn't a hardcore gamer then this is ideal. I got hold of it on budget so it really almost amounts to free fun! Don't mind the reviewer here, he must have had a bad cup of coffee the morning he wrote this. I've played literally hundreds of games in my time and I would rate this up there with the best of them in it's genre. Put simply it rocks!