remakes don't usually work well,add 3-D to the mix? Is it any good?

User Rating: 8.5 | Rayman 3D 3DS
Story:you play as Raymond,a character that has no arms or legs,or even a neck.The story begins with Raymond getting thrown into prison on a pirate ship.There he meets a friend who tells him that the pirates are kidnapping all the "lums"(little floating yellow orbs)for power.After you escape it is up to Raymond to travel from level to level,collecting four masks that can defeat the pirates and collecting Lums along the way.

Gameplay:Raymond can do multiple tasks such as walk and run with the analog stick,jump by pressing the B button,and by pressing B again in mid air will cause him to use a helicopter move which slows his descent and makes it easier to reach farther distances.By pressing Y you"throw your fists"or small energy balls that hurt enemies upon contact.A lot of the game is simply getting from one side of the level to the other,finding switches or orbs to open doors along the way.The combat in the game is very simple and in most cases easy.And you won't find yourself really stuck on a level till the last few,simply because they are so huge or for a few difficult tasks.

Music:The music in Raymond really isn't the highlight of the game,but it is not bad.The only real problem with the music is that it will suddenly switch tracks halfway through a song throughout certain areas.This does not occur often but just enough to be an annoying aspects.

Camera and Visuals:The camera works well in this game besides a few instances were it doesn't seem to turn enough so you have to take a blind leap to the next platform,or it will travel through the wall in tight closed in areas.this does not occur near enough to be a problem but it is still there.You can center the camera by pressing the L button although the game won't allow this in certain areas leading to a few deaths.You can do the same in combat to focus on your enemies,unfortunately later in the game when enemies will dig into the ground and appear elsewhere you will have to pound that button a few times.The Visuals of this game are well done,and very smooth,rivaling even the Ps2,although like everything else it isn't perfect.on any rainy level all the enemies lums or your fists will have lines running up and down them,seemingly to show rain but what occurs is a level that you think is glitched as everything is flashing.besides this the visuals work well.

3-D? Yes! this game works flawlessly with the 3-D effect making the game easier in some ways by showing you exactly how far a platform is or simply by making the game seem bigger.The game works perfectly without the effect if 3-D doesn't float your boat.but really,no problems here.

overall this game will appeal more to the mario or other platforming fans.and even though the difficulty will present no challenge it still is a fun it worth 40$,that's for you to decide.