This is, in my opinion, the best major Rayman game ever released to date! Too bad it's hard to find now...

User Rating: 9.8 | Rayman 2: The Great Escape PC
I've actually only been able to play this game recently, since it's been incompatible with my video card. To my knowledge though, this game has very low video card compatibility. Often, I've seen blurred graphics and text, missing textures, and sped up game play. Anyways, here's the break down...

Awesome for the time, and sometimes, for even now. Very beautiful artwork and environments. They managed to hide some things from the first Rayman game into this one, which I found pretty neat. The only problem is the absolutely low video card compatibility. There's too few cards that will work properly with this game.

Game Play-
Very fun, and there's a great variety of things you can do in the game. You can ride on rockets (very hard levels... ergh), fight, and go though puzzle-like set-ups. It'll rarely get boring.

Very well done, and some of the songs are very catchy. I actually liked their gibberish voices compared to the real ones found in other versions, such as the PS1 & 2 games. I just found it seemed to suit the mood better, and the strange voices just suited everyone because their strange characters.

Get it any way you can. It's worth playing! I found it even more fun to play than the newest Rayman games.