User Rating: 10 | Rayman 2: The Great Escape PS
rayman two is a worth buying game for too many reasons you probably can not find a fault in the the game you must defeat the villains capture and collect do lots of things which make the game so good.

if you have rayman one you will know more of the story line but you do not need it all you need to know is how too play and get hooked up to your play station and your set for a great adventure. the game is set in ray mans world rayman and his best friend glo box are stuck from the villains from rayman one then rayman escapes with glo box through a pipe and then glo box is gone can rayman find him and what does this have to do with pirates find out in rayman 2 the great escape.

rayman 2 is a part of a brilliant trilogy ( so far ) which is highly recomened and in my eyes the play stations best game ever thumbs up for everything in the game it is a must buy for rayman buyers