Better than I thought it would be. Not that I was expecting much.

User Rating: 7.1 | Groove Adventure Rave: Hikari to Yami no Daikessen 2 GBA
Before Fanboys of the show start flooding my mailbox with garbage I'm gonna say one or two things.

Yes, I saw the show
No, I did not like it
No, that does not influence my review

I'm not a Rave Master expert or anything so I won't know if "This guy doesn't look like that" or "Her voice is all wrong!". I'm just reviewing the game from my point of view, so here goes.

Gameplay: It's definitely different. Basically every character has a special item that allows them to use more powerful attacks. But, whenever you lose that item, (when another person knocks you down you drop it) you cannot perform your stronger attacks until you pick it up again(by walking over it). So basically you attack until you lose your item, and then you hurry and go pick it up.

You don't have health bars either, you have some kind of tug-o-war gauge at the top to show how close you are to winning. It's actually kind of cool. Whenever your victory is imminent, you hit a button (I think it's select) and finish him/her off. For this reason multiplayer is sooo easy against computers(unless of course you're by yourself.).

Visuals: The sprites are well done. They bring the action to you with a punch in the technicolors.

Sound: Very basic GBA sounds. Really not any good, but definately not bad.

Replay Value: Well on the basic game about none. There are a few hidden character, and different endings for every character, but the matches are usually so quick you'll finish a character's story in less than half an hour. Of course there is one other mode that is better than the rest of the game(IMO). The ranking battles! You build your team from characters you earn in ranking mode(Even if you have all the characters in story, you'll always start with the same two characters in ranking mode). You then battle to earn more team slots, characters, and points whith which you buy the characters. You can have up to 4 characters on your tem at once, but they all have different slot values. Weaker characters take up less slots than stronger characters. Really it was the most fun I had in the game!

Overrall: Worth about $3.99. An above decent game that offers an enjoyable experience for both people who love the show, and people who hate it.