Insomniac made a very very bad game and isn't worth picking up so just skip it.

User Rating: 1 | Ratchet: Deadlocked PS2
Story:They took ratchet in a dark direction and they put swearing in it. why???? They have ruined the ratchet and clank series and theirs not a single piece of humor in it.
Graphics:The graphics are good but now amazing has Up Your Aresenal and the weapon upgrade screen is ugly. And Ratchet And Clank look horrible and the cutscenes look bad.
Gameplay:Bascially the only charactor you play as is Ratchet. No Clank i'm afraid. You can't make a Ratchet Game without having Clank in it. Moving on!!! The Gameplay is just horrible.The weapon upgrade and moding is stupid and isn't that much fun to use.
Enjoyment:The game takes one hour to complete and theres not that much to enjoy. If your looking for a new ratchet game to play go pick up the psp ones or play the ps3 ones. just keep away from this one and avoid it.