Easy, short, repeating, boring.

User Rating: 4.5 | Ratchet: Deadlocked PS2
I heard about this game from some adverts. "The new weapon system allows thousands of unique weapons!" I borrowed this game from my friend, and noticed immediately, that the adverts lied.

There's ten different weapons. There's also ALPHA and OMEGA mods. One weapon can have a limited amount of ALPHA mods (around 10 I think). ALPHA mods can for example make the weapon faster, or increase its ammo capacity. Every weapon can also have one OMEGA mod, which for example can allow the weapon to freeze enemies, brainwash them (making them attack each other), or lay lava around. Some OMEGA mods are VERY unbalanced. Shock mod makes it possible to kill many enemies with a single shot from the weakest weapon.

The weapons also have levels. All weapons are level 1 when you buy them, and as you kill enemies, the levels will increase. Maximum level is 10 until you beat the game. After that, you can buy mega version of a weapon that's already at level 10. It increases the level to 11, and raises the maximum level to 99. However, it's possible to get level from 11 to 99 quicker than from 1 to 10.

Bolts, as in all Ratchet games, are used as money. After beating the game and unlocking Challenge mode, you can get over 5 million bolts easily in just one hour. And when the most expensive weapon costs 3 million bolts... think about that.

Then there's skill points. In the earlier Ratchet games the skill points were hard to get and there was 30. In Ratchet Deadlocked, just check the skill points menu to know how to get them. Even worse, there's hundreds of skill points. There's many skill points you can get by killing a set amount of enemies with a set weapon. But there's no way to know enemies' names... So you cannot know what enemies to kill.

It took me only six hours to beat this game on the 3rd and 4th difficulties (I used both), while it took me 15 hours to beat Ratchet&Clank 3, 25 hours to beat Ratchet&Clank 2, and I have not yet beaten the first Ratchet&Clank. I never had to try one mission more than three times; I beat most on my first or second try.

Instead of Clank, there's two annoying combat bots. You can just throw a holo-shield and watch as the bots kill the enemies. That's lame.

But, although the game is the easiest that I've ever played it's not the worst. Some players can find this game fun. I didn't. If you want to buy this, I suggest that you borrow it from a friend first. Or rent it.