Take Unreal Tournament and 3D platforming.And what do you get? Ratchet:Deadlocked!

User Rating: 9.5 | Ratchet: Deadlocked PS2
Ratchet:Deadlocked is best game in the Ratchet and Clank PS2 saga.If you like the previous Ratchet and Clank games or like Unreal Tournament,this is the perfect game for you.
Story:Ratchet,Clank,and Al get captured and Ratchet is forced to complete in "Dreadzone",a underground steampunk-type tournament TV show.If Ratchet thinks about leaving the outside of Dreadzone,he will get killed by a shock collar.
Gameplay:Ratchet:Deadlocked makes pretty much different changes to the series.You dont play as Clank which is why his name got dropped out of the title.Instead,you get these two robot guards who protect you from damage.Unfortunely,sometimes the robot guards will get killed but the good thing is that you can bring your guards back from the dead.Deadlocked is pretty much a short game but the good thing is that you have online play just like Up Your Aresnal.The online play can get pretty wild like Unreal Tournament,with players trying to blow the smack out of each other.Oh yeah I almost forgot,you get these pretty cool vehicles like the Landstalker and the Puma.Sadly,the hoverboard from the first Ratchet and Clank game doesnt make a return from what all I know,which could've been awesome if you could ride the hoverboard as much as you want and pull off awesome tricks like in Jak 2.
Controls:The controls have improved more.You can finally shoot with R1 instead of O.Theres nothing really that much to say about this game's controls.All I could say is that the controls are perfect.
Sound/Music:Theres nothing really to say about the sound and music :(.
Graphics:The graphics are too awesome for a PS2.Its like your playing a game made with Unreal 3.
Replay value:The game has replay value even with a short story mode.When you replay the game,you'll still have fun esspecially if you want to get the awesome unlockables like the Jak skin.
Overall,Ratchet:Deadlocked has a great online play.The co-op is okay but I've only tried co-op once with my friend.Ratchet:Deadlocked is epic but lacks alittle.