Amazing Reboot

User Rating: 10 | Ratchet & Clank PS4

I have almost every R&C game made. I didn't get Deadlocked because I really am not a fan of the arena fights. I did them in the other games to get the prizes or bolts or the gadget I needed, but an entire game revolving around arena fighting just didn't do it for me. I prefer the adventuring and exploring of the other games. And boy does this re-boot of a classic game that happens to be my all time favorite franchise is amazing. I love the graphics, the game play is solid, the weapons are of course over the top insane and the story is just close enough to what I remember to make it fun and just new enough to make it laugh out loud funny. I will have a lot of fun playing and replaying this game. I am a completionist and look for every gold bolt and holo-card that is in the game and will play until I find them all. The fights are just tough enough to make them a challenge but not so hard that you want to give up.

I strongly recommend this game to anyone who likes Ratchet & Clank.