still sticking 2D gameplay interspersed throughout the game.

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Are we ever going to see complete 3D games like tools of destruction, Prince of Persia 1,steroid prime. Up until now R&C have. Pretty much stayed 3D since ps3 release which is what sold me on ps3 in the first place. Now we see in into the nexus press release that clank will have 2D platforming as if this is an improvement instead of a 'Guess I'll pass this one by until it gets down to free for ps plus customers. Just like I did for 4 for 1. Completely skipped last Prince of Persia and steroid games. They will destroy the series but tout the feature as great for all you nostalgia buffs. Be honest: cheAper development costs and faster to market. This is not a benefit for game players. There it is my first ever rant on gamespot