Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Extras/Concept Art

    Obtain the required number of skill points in order to unlock each feature.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    400 SP "James the Galactic Defender"
    150 SP 2006 GDC Trailer
    25 SP 2007 E3 Trailer
    100 SP Big Head Enemies
    50 SP Big Head Mode (Ratchet only)
    75 SP Character Concept Art
    250 SP Enviornment Concept Art
    500 SP Levels are Mirrored
    350 SP Ratchet Drawing Tutorial
    750SP Ratchet Paintings
    600 SP Script to Screen
    200 SP Tools of Production
    450 SP Weapon Concept Art
    300 SP Wrench Replacement

    Contributed by: PS2Marinerfan, AborshunsTickle, morac 

  2. Skill Points

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Teleport to each of the six asteroids in alphabetical order Alphabet City
    Take-off from every robo-wing pad in Stratus City. Been Around
    Sell 20 Leviathan Souls to the Smuggler Bolts in the Bank
    Don't take damage before fighting Greasepalms McGee Cant Touch This
    Purchase a single Combuster shot Cheapskate
    Make 11 enemies dance together Chorus Line
    Collect all cargo containers. Collector's Addition
    Make 5 enemies dance at once on an asteroid Dancin' with the Stars
    Successfully use the Groovitron on a Gravity Ramp Dancing on the Ceiling
    Use the Groovitron followed by the Pyro Blaster Disco Inferno
    Complete Challenge Mode Even Better the Second Time
    Make every type of enemy in the game dance. Everybody Dance Now
    Kill 75% of all the enemies. Expert Marksman
    Kill all the Sargasso Grunthors Extinction
    se the charge boots to cross the bridge to the arena without being burned. Fast and Firey-ous
    Kill 2 Kerchu Pyroguards with the Pyro Blaster Fire With Fire
    Get Every Device For the Hoard!
    Kill all Basilisk Leviathans in the Cobalia wilderness Giant Hunter
    Get Every Weapon Global Thermonuclear War
    Get all gold bolts Golden Children
    Hit all cragmite soldiers with the Mag-Net Launcher. Gotta Catch Them All
    Get 9 penguins dancing on screen Happy Feat
    Land on all of the Troglosaur heads Head Examiner
    Jump into each of the two gelatonium waterfalls in the Cobalia gelatonium plant I Should Have Gone Down in a Barrel
    Ride the ferris wheel 5 times without taking damage. I Think Im Going To Be Sick
    Destroy Iron Crotch Caruso in under 2:30 I've Got Places to Be
    Get 11 Anthropods in one tornado It Sounded Like a Freight Train
    Change 5 pirates into penguins in one shot. It's a Mutiny Cap'n!
    Turn at least 15 enemies or citizens into penguins at one time It's like the South Pole Here
    Complete challenge mode. Its Even Better The Second Time
    Wrench slam 5 Cerullean Centipedes. Knock You Down to Size
    Complete the Gyro-Cycle area in under 1:45. Live Strong
    Break all the breakable icicles. Lombaxes Don't Like Cold
    Fly underneath an electrified barrier in the robo wing segment. Low Flying Owls
    Clear out 10-15 mines Minesweeper
    Use turrets to destroy 10 dancing pirates. Mow Down Hoedown
    Upgrade every weapon to the max. No, Up YOUR Arsenal
    Complete the Gyro Cycle area in 0:55 seconds. Now Boarding...
    Destroy every piece of breakable cover Nowhere to Hide
    Use the Geo-Laser to blast through the wall One Heckuva Peephole
    Destroy 5 of the Thwogs while they are still sleeping Preemptive Strike
    Don't destroy any Snatchers Pretty Lights
    Get every gadget Promoted to Inspector
    Complete Verdigris Black Hole without Secondary Fire Pyew Pyew
    Turn an enemy into a penguin, then use the Visi-copter to destroy the penguin. Roflcopter
    Kill 15 Enemies with One RYNO Shot Say Hello to My Little Friend
    Use the Pyro Blaster on 3 Drophyds after freeing them from their robotic suits Seared Ahi
    Get 6 pirates in a row to salute Ratchet while wearing the Holo-Pirate disguise Six Gun Salute
    Destroy all crates and consumer robots on port and gel factory Smashing Good Time
    Use strafe flip 10 times while fighting Stay Still So I Can Shoot You!
    Take out 3 flying targets using the Plasma Beasts. Surface-to-air Plasma Beasts
    Destroy all Corsairs with the Combuster. Taste O' Yer Own Medicine
    Destroy 18 consumer robots The Consumer is Not (Always) Right
    Get everything else in the game. The Hardest Core
    Don't take damage in the Gyro-Cycle Untouchable
    Cross the tripad sequence without activating the bridge We Don't Need No Stinkin' Bridges!
    Barrel roll 10 times Whats that, R2?
    Use only the wrench to make it to the robo-wings segment. Wrench Ninja 3
    Shoot down at least 75% of the flying ships. You Sunk My Battleship!

    Contributed by: JamesL007, Mr_Alexander 

  3. Extra Modes

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat The Game Challenge Mode

    Contributed by: SolidFantasy 

  4. Code from Secret Agent Clank

    Secret Agent Clank (PS2) has an unlockable area, HIG Treehouse, somewhat similar to the Insomniac Museum. Just inside, step around to the back of the HIG logo screen, and press triangle to examine the Ratchet & Clank artwork. Behold, a code for Ratchet & Clank Future: Tool of Destruction is revealed.

    Effect Effect
    Square Circle Square Circle Up Up Triangle Down Up Let Ratchet show Cragmites that life on the inside hasn't changed him.

    Contributed by: Falconesque 

  5. RYNO IV - Ultimate Weapon

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Play in challenge mode, upgrade RYNO IV fully, and purchase RNYO 4Ever from any weapons merchant for 50000000 bolts. RYNO 4Ever
    Obtain each of the holo-plans RYNO IV

    Contributed by: TheShizzo 

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