Kinda disapointed but a great game

User Rating: 7.5 | Ratchet & Clank Future 2 PS3
So Rachet is back and supposedly his last adventure =[ I've enjoyed Rachet and clank since the original one but I found this one very disappointing and here's why...

Gameplay- Now A crank in time plays like every other Rachet and clank adventure. But now they have added the ship as a tool to fly where you want to go which provides some entertainment and some extra missions in the games story but nothing really major. The game also features the classic Coliseum and the secret museum that are in most of the games.

Now the thing I love most about Rachet and Clank is the weapons and how they change as they level up, In a crack in time when they level up they stay the same, until level 5, most of the weapons were from or where similar to ones from the past games. 3 of the weapons in the game you can customise changing the barrel and fire type, etc which is quite fun but doesn't hold alot of variety, and its only for 3 weapons.

The storyline isn't to bad you still get to explore new worlds and fight new enemies. In this game Rachet and Clank get split apart. You play the action levels with rachet and the puzzle levels with clank which tend to slow the games pace down. The best part about this adventure is that captain Qwark actually pulls his weight and fights and actually acts like the hero he supposed to be some times.

Graphics- The graphics are pretty much the same as tools of Destruction, which aren't too far ahead of the PS2 versions of game, they are nice and you can't see to many graphical faults. But I guess with games like that you can't change much.

Sound- There is nothing memorable and there's not much to talk about, most weapon effects are from the original games put in to this game.

Replayability- Now there is some re-playability in the game especially if you want the platinum trophy. You have to finish the game on hard and do a challenge play thought which involves playing the game a second time around, so if you play it on normal 1st time you'll have to do 3 play thoughts to get the platinum, All of the weapon upgrades and gold bolts are easy enough to find and you'll probably do it in you're 1st play through.

Summary- If your a fan of rachet and clank then go for it also if your new to the game they're alot of fun to play. But if you're looking for your 1st rachet and clank game I suggest getting tools of destruction 1st as its a lot better.

+ Fast classic Rachet play
+ Good explorations

- Slow clank play with easy puzzles
- Secret items easy to find
- Trophies can be a pain