I must admit like many I'm disappointed that after 6 months delay, the game still isn't as good as its PS3 counterpart

User Rating: 6 | Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault VITA
I liked the PS3 version of Full Frontal Assault/Q-force for it's more traditional game play, the return of the hover-boots, a 3rd person camera, and a story-line that was a fitting for their 10th anniversary.

However for the purposes of this review, I'm reviewing the PS Vita version, specifically on how well it's ported, and for reasons which may well be outside Tin Giant's control, it's not very good.

1) Frame-rate is not very good. It feels like when you're hover-booting around the Starship Phoenix II that the camera can't keep up

2) Multi-player has been limited to 1vs1 which is disappointing, as 1vs1 can be quite one-sided matches

3) The Textures and backgrounds are quite plain and dark in places, also backgrounds are a lot slower to load

Having said that it's still enjoyable. However I hoped for much more after such a long delay