People who can get used to frames can like this game. Better job than Deadlocked HD.

User Rating: 8 | Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault VITA
I've loved this game on PS3 and the Vita version was worth the wait. Yes it does have frame issues and only 1v1 multiplayer, but this still was fun and impressive for 3 people to make this port. If you can get used to the frames then you could like this too. Ratchet and Clank is my favorite franchise and I loved tower defenses so this game is basically my favorite on the PS3.

This port did better job than what Idol minds did with deadlocked HD mostly because FFA Vita only problems is frames and only 1v1s. Deadlocked went from 10 players to 6, more bugs, cutscenes glitches, co-op is laggy, ect... but enough about Deadlocked.

FFA Vita plays exactly like it did on the PS3 version. Graphics may be worse but what did you expect for 3 people? Campaign looks decent except Ebaro looks really ugly. It's the ground that makes it look ugly and the crates don't look great either. Competitive maps looks good but Ebaro is even worse than the campaign version. The ground is greener and it is a weird kind of green, lighting effects is even worse and the water is basically green. Other maps like Kerwan and Torren really stand out and looks amazing compared to the other maps which looks good also.

Skins on the other hand, look decent and some look better than others. DLC skins look decent but a few really stands out and look great. Plushies and Nefarious skins are a good example.

When you play campaign, you can enjoy it in your first playthrough, although it looks like the frames are a little worse than competitive mode. Competitive mode is pretty fun too. I became one of the best a.k.a. legend. I will say leader boards is messed up. At least 90 people on leader boards are noobs or cheated their way onto the leader boards, I should know since I've fought many of those people that are on leader boards and won easily. The new people in this game can get creamed by even the people who think they are good and basically legends can destroyed them easily so new people. But you can play for fun like always but if you are new, but I recommend playing on custom for a while before you actually do ranked matches.

Overall, Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault Vita is pretty decent and I think people should give this a try if they can get used to the fact that it has frame issues. Also I would recommend this to people who like tower defenses. I may be giving this score higher than what other people would but I just like this port. The game is only 20$ or free if you already have the PS3 version so you won't be risking much on whether you'll like it or not.