Great game that just falls short

User Rating: 7 | Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault PS3
I'm an avid player in the Ratchet and Clank Franchise given that I've played every game on several occasions. By far my favorite franchise of games, the fun never seems to end in the R&C Universe. I couldn't wait to pick up my copy today and after playing through it there were alot of great factors to the game: The battle fields are quite large and the gameplay gets intense at times. It's quite fun for a little R&C minigame. However the thing that made me the most angry about this game (it was supposed to reassemble the Q Force) Yet the only heros in the game are Quark, Clank, and Ratchet. Where's Helga, skid, Big Al, Skrunch and Shasha. YOU CAN'T REASSEMBLE THE Q FORCE IF HALF THE MEMBERS ARE MISSING OR NOT EVEN MENTIONED. That was a major letdown. And there is little to no story whatsoever. Just endless battling. But overall I still got my R&C fix.