Ape Escape's evil brother

User Rating: 3 | Rascal PS
There are games out there you think are good, but they just aren't. Such is the case with Rascal which isn't only just a huge disappointment, but it's also one of the worst PSX games I've ever played. Why? I'll tell you all about it!

The story follows some kid with sunglasses and a baseball cap. His father, a scientist has been kidnapped by the evil time master (I can't really remember his name) and you have to go back in time trough several time periods in order to save mankind.

So, after watching a stock intro sequence with no dialog what so ever (the characters just make weird facial expressions), you'll start the game. Right away you're dropped into this kid's room, and the first challenge is to figure out where you're supposed to go and what you're supposed to do. It cost me 20 minutes and one life (committing suicide since I didn't know what to do) until I found out that I was supposed to jump into a barely visible portal in the living room.

Right after you've jumped into that portal you arrive at some dungeon I guess, and you're faced with enemies like spiders, rats and.... a sumo wrestler?! Anyway, to defend yourself against the enemies you have a gun that squirts water. The first problem with the gun is that is hardly does any damage to the enemies. The second problem is that your ammo runs out very quick and you'll hardly find anymore throughout the rest of the level. So after playing through this level you finally get to the end, only to be faced by a model of an hourglass. Now what are you supposed to do? OK, here's what: You need to find all the pieces of the hourglass placed within the level in order to pass on by. But of course, did the developers just place them in certain places or did they let you complete different tasks á la Spyro the dragon? Nope, instead they decided to make you kill enemies to get them. This could be fine but you can't tell who's carrying a piece and who doesn't, so you'll just start shooting at everyone, and once again, the fact that your ammo runs out too quick just makes it even worse. By this time I started to feel sick and I had gotten a terrible headache, which made me turn the game off.

So anyway, stay away from this game at all costs! If you want a superior time-traveling game, buy Ape Escape or Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped instead! Please, I don't want anyone else to experience the same pain I did.