Rascal is one of the worst and most broken games I have ever played on any console, stay away from this game.

User Rating: 1.6 | Rascal PS
The Good : ............. the sound is okay, the game does not look half bad.
The Bad : Until you start playing it, the controls are horrible, the game has no point, you do not no where to even start off, the same unbeatable boss over and over again.

I have have played some brilliant games in my life. I have also played some very good games and then I have played very bad games. But this game is just taking the piss, it is bloody awful.

I bought this game one day when i was really bored and after about ten minutes I had nearly chucked my TV out the window.
First of all it is nearly impossible to control your character because the game is broken and it tries to be like Super Mario 64 by putting you in the middle of a mansion with different levels to choose from, but the game gives you no indication of what to do and where you are supposed to go.

I can describe this game in one sentence...... This game is tripe, dont buy it as it is crap!