User Rating: 1.7 | Rascal PS
This is actually a game? They call this a game? My friend called me overto his house and said,"Play this." I was skeptical about it at first. So, I get through SCEE and the Traveller's Tales logos and the opening cut scene comes on, some dude is in a dungeon and there are aliens chasing after him...ok this makes no sense to me and I just begin to start laughing!! The graphics were fine to me. (although many will disagree with me) It was just the most random stuff. I couldn't stop laughing. Anyway, after the cut-scene,I was just a little confused...I just can't describe it. I start playing and...I was just disguted by everything about this game, if you can call it that. First off, you shoot things....with a bubble gun! Yes, that is not a typo. I said bubble gun. Ok, so that can't be all bad right? Wrong, after I stared shooting spiders and rats AND GETTING KILLED BY THEM!! WTF??? I found that you can stand on tables and kill the harder enimes just by standing there and shooting them funny. Not to mention, you can just simply jump on the rats and 1hit them, while if you "shoot" them, it may take 3-5 hits. The AI is just plain horrible as I mentioned above. The RATS are smarter than the human opoents you go up against.

This is the worst game I have ever played in my whole 16 year existence. Stay very far from this game. NEVER PLAY IT. NEVER TALK ABOUT IT. IT IS A DISGRACE TO ALL GAMES. It was kinda funny how bad it was, so if you want some laughs you could buy it and then destroy it into little pieces.

Thanks for reading this, and don't play this game. Peace