Good concept, terrible implementation.

User Rating: 2 | Rascal PS
The story of this game is about a boy whose parents were captured by the evil master of time, Chronos. It's up to him to rescue them. A good concept for a game. I used to like this game when I was younger, but I found it too hard so I gave it away. I recently got it again, and I realised that the difficulty level was because of a terrible camera angle and controls. For example, often you can't run away from enemies and then shoot them, because you can't even see them. The story is good, along with the graphics and the sound, but there is a complete lack of direction in the game. i.e. you never know where to go. In short, this is a game which could have been really good, but the bad camera angle, coupled with the bad controls, makes this game really difficult and disappointing, almost to the point of being unplayable.