This game's name should be "If you want to be the first person to actually die by boredom, buy me!"

User Rating: 1.6 | Rascal PS
This game is infinity. Trust me it totally sucks! I would give this game a perfect 10 on the crap-o-meter. Really, to all realism, this game will actually make you want to stop living. You will think to yourself, "Whats the point of life" and "Life isnt fun, and it wont be til i destroy this game." So sucks really bad. I was 6 years old when i bought this game and the commercials looked like "so much fun!" Obviously I was wrong. I first played this game and was so confused (especially as a 6 year old) and kept thinking, where do i get that stupid red key. I could never find it. I dont know why, I dont know how, but all i know is that this game is only meant to be played by morons and Satan himself. Please, dont get this game.