Hours of fun.

User Rating: 7 | RalliSport Challenge XBOX
If you like rally games, this is the one to get, for an extremely low price. I bought my copy for $9.99, which wasn't bad, but I could have gotten a better deal. Anyways, the graphics on this game are great, for its time of course. (Nothing compared to GT, FM or PGR) The controls on the other hand are a little difficult to grasp. Me, being the miracle man that I am, was able to understand the controls within a few hours. For beginners to rally games, it could take days, or even weeks to actually place 1st. On the other hand, this is a great multiplayer, and it comes with a good amount of laughs. With as many bumps, turns, and unexpected cliffs as this game has, you'll find yourself chuckling down the road in last place, because you "accidentally" went over a hill, and drove off the cliff, restarting 4 seconds late. Over all, I give this game a 7/10 for a jolly good time.