Iss not the best, but it's fun.

User Rating: 8.1 | RalliSport Challenge XBOX
Rallisport Challenge is a realy fun game. It' not a very hard game to master. It might take a little wile for you to fine tune your driving skills in this game though.
First of all, it'll probly take you quite a while to beat this game, if you want to get a good scare at the end of the rally year. It gives you a variety of different track to beat, including: mud tracks, ice tracks, gravel track and more.
Second, you can costomise your car, somewhat, acording to the track your racing. Say if your driving a tarmac track, you might want to put tarmac tires on insted of ice or mud. You would probly want to change your gear ratio and your suspension hardness too.
Third, if your not driving very well and smash into walls, abstacles, and other cars; your car begins to get very smashed up and sometimes can't drive straight.
Fourth, There are a ton of different cars to unlock. You start off in the game with the slow cars that can only go about 100mph and don't turn very well. As you progress through the Ralley challenge, you get to unlock faster cars and eventualy end up with cars that can go about 190mph.
Fifth, it has a pretty good multimplayer. I like getting a couple of my buddies over and just sitting around all day playing this game on multiplayer smashing eachother up(the game doesn't put you back where you started if you drive the wrong way).
Overall the game is pretty fun to play and will keep you busie for a while. I would recamend this game for anyone who likes racing games.