This game is the best rally car game I have ever played and quite possibly the best rally game ever.

User Rating: 8.6 | RalliSport Challenge XBOX
The games graphics are amazing. The licensed cars look great, but more impressively the tracks look awesome. Your car will leave tired tracks in the sand, mud, or snow that differs in appearance depending on how deep the mud is on the track or on the side of the track. The water looks great, the sky and sun look great, the ice, snow, mud, rain, trees, rocks, and sand look lifelike and the cars react well to the conditions they’re in. Also your car will get covered with dirt on snow more and more as the race goes on and differs if for example you crash you’ll have a lot more dirt on your car then if you didn’t. The Gameplay is great. The cars have great variable handling that change on what you’re driving on. You can do an ice-racing track and make a tuff corner, then go play the same course with the ice percentage turned up a little and you’ll slide right off the track if you play it the same as you did previously. So you’ll have to adjust your playing style to accommodate your surroundings. The controls work well with your car and the game is a lot of fun to try to survive sometimes through the crazy conditions your in. Your car will get damaged as you crash and cause performance loss and problems like your car will start to pull to one side or something. The games sounds are good. The car sounds are great and the game has some songs on it, but does have the custom soundtrack option. The game has 48 different tracks across Rally, Hill Climb, Rally Cross, and Ice Racing. The game has multiplayer for up to 4 people, and if you end up loving this game you could play races forever. Overall this game is just amazing and has a great racing engine with an astonishing rally sport engine that creates and tremendous racing game.