Fast feel and great graphics, best looking racing game on XBOX.

User Rating: 7.7 | RalliSport Challenge XBOX
The graphics looked great, and never bogged down in single player. However, in split screen multiplayer, the game ran really sluggish. Multiplayer’s not too fun because of that.

You have cars that are going so fast, its better feel to it than PGR which follows too much of a realistic type of gameplay. But than again, the cars have a very slippery feel to them sometimes. At times, you hit a sign or rock and completely get stopped, the problem I had with this is a little sign shouldn’t be able to stop you in a car. The difficulty in the game is high, and you have to master a level to the millisecond to beat it at some levels.

Rallisport Challenge was one of the best looking XBOX games I had and I’d say I liked playing it through, more than PGR. But both games had too many tracks that were too tightly made and prevented any kind of flexibility on the tracks while you race. The music is weak and unoriginal, but custom soundtrack is an option. Every track I can remember took place during daylight and that was something I liked, I hate dark graphics no matter what game it is. As for Rallysport 2, it’s the same thing, but I prefer the first one.