This is the best rally racing game of all time.

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Here it is, now 9 years after this game debuted. And it stands firm as the best rally game ever. 


1) A MASSIVE selection of cars, inclassics the WRC entries from that era and some CRAZY classics like the Volvo 240, the Renault Alpine, the Saab Viggen and Toyota Celica & Tacoma hill climb cars, the full complement of Group B including the Metro, Delta S4, 204 t16, Quattro, RS200, plus plenty of awesome crossover, rallycross and ice racing machines. Absolutely te best selection of rally cammm ever offered. 

2) Crossover, rallycross, ice racing, ridiculously good hill climbs and descents, and easily the best, longest, most numerous, and most varied rally stages eVer In gaming. Just the Wales rally in itself could prove to you how ridiculous tight and fun this game was. Add to that some fantastic and treacherous hill climbs in Canada, Argentina, and the American desert and you could kill 4 hours easy between competing vs friends, beating friends' times an just throwing together ridiculous car/track combinations. 

3) Extensive leader boards. Every stage had its masters. And competing to be on the top of 10 friends playing all the Swedish snow stages could consume your night. 

4) Awesome multiplayer: Want to race a dozen people in real time? Turn on ghosts and watch them fly past you on turns and listen to the swearing as they go over the cliff's edge. Turn on collisions for brutal rallycross matches. Staggered starts worked beautifully for rallies. Maybe it would be more fun putting classic rallycross rigs on that Argentime hill climb, so why not try it?

5) The most fun and most content ever offered for $50 or less. I've (and I'm not alone)never had more fun pitting my Puegeot versus your Lancia. Over and over again. 

RIP RSC 2. RIP Dice's non-Battlefield masterpiece. 

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Agreed. My favorite racing game ever

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RIP great early era of online rally racing. Timeless classic. My all time favorite game