Highly enjoyable, bright and colorful with incredible production value throughout. Firmly recommended.

User Rating: 9 | Rainbow Moon PS3
I can't say I've played many/any other games quite like Rainbow Moon. Yes I've played this Genre of game but none with such high production values, glorious visuals, excellent music and effects.

The story is witty and pretty straight forward and very lengthy. On the odd occasion a quest comes up that requires you to literally go from person A to person B and then back to A and then back to B again but I only saw this 2 or 3 times and I'm 40 odd hours into the main Quest.

The first 2 hours or so until you recruit your first companion is fun, then the moment you get 2 people to fight with it becomes pretty darn amazing. Along with receiving more sub-turns per turn, the strategy slowly starts to show.

The learning curve and difficulty both grow with your characters making some of the very first battles a little easy. This then seamlessly evolves to becoming a simple but effective strategic, turn based game (when in battle). And when your not in battle, your wandering Rainbow Moon, looking for loot, scouring dungeons and leveling up your character(s).

Load and save times are as instant as you'll ever find in a game. Just to add to the fun.

It's a huge shame that this product probably won't be the success it deserves and makes me wonder what games I have personally missed on the PSN for lack of advertising or ignorance on my part.

I fully recommend this to anyone who enjoys addictive adventuring and want a product that is worth far more than the asking price packed with well over 100 hours of game play.

Great job by eastasiasoft for a great product.