How do you like this game, share you thoughts

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#1 Posted by GunEye (1585 posts) -

This game looks cool, and has a great price.

Reminds me of the good old days of games, long, driving and stylish.

I'm consider buying this game and will appreciate you opinions, those of you who have got this game already.

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I've played it about 12 hours so far and I have enjoyed it a lot. It is old school for sure. Sort of has an old zelda overworld or maybe dragon quest 9 overworld. Fighting is like FF Tactics except more simple. The grid is a bit off kilter though so I sometimes move my characters in an unintended direction when I'm not paying close attention. I like how the world is set up so that you need to revisit certain areas to find cool fights or gear. An example is the first dungeon you go into when you are level 2 or 3 has a door you can't get into and behind it is a lv46 sorcerer. I like games that make you remember special fights to go back to later. Gearing up and leveling up is fun. Cool game especially for the price.

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Thanks, I might just give this game a shot when I have the time!