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Great Game I stream it on twitch if you like to see what it looks like come ask. We have a few tycoons in chat to help. :) No i don't know it all but we can have fun figuring it out. been playing it for about a month or so now. Closed Batta 2017-2018 . I think it is great and has lots of room to do more thought there is a lot to learn. Take time and read the help tutorials. There are multi difficulty levels to pick and it is very realistic from trak switches and signals, to employees and tecnolages. Stocks, invention, city growth and hard compition AI. starting in USA 1830, working thru each stage (time table) 1850, 1870, 1890, and 1910 The trains range from The Grasshopper 0-4-0 all the way to the EMD E-Unit Diesel at a screaming base speed of 90MPH witch can been boosted by crew and tech addons. If you want to see this Game in action I stream 9am to 6pm east coast USA -5 hours from UK If i can't help or answer your questions someone in chat can. I'm not a big time streamer but have a very chill chat. 100% Disabled Veteran just giving back to the Gaming community. Yes Game is worth the Price. at the time of this article 15% off on steam.