This game is not visually impressive nor is it user friendly or fun to play.

User Rating: 2 | Railroad Tycoon II PS
I am extremely disappointed with this game. The idea of being able to be a successful business mogul and build your tycoon from meager beginnings to an immensely profitable juggernaut really appealed to me. Unfortunately this games treacherous learning curve makes playing this game seem like work and with the multitude of other simulation games available on the market today, this one just seems like a waste of time. It is common for a game like this to have a moderate to high learning curve and often feature lengthy tutorials but this one goes above and beyond to confuse and depress you. Furthermore the game suggests that you read the manual to figure out how the game works because they know that their tutorial is insufficient in teaching you the ropes.

I should also note that the controls in this game are horrible and confusing and laying track on terrain is a real chore. Micro managing train cargo is also a giant mess as you have to use the Trigger buttons to edit different numbers of whatever.

I'll conclude this review by stating that this game was most likely left unported from the PC until they could have figured out a better control scheme. I would only recommend this game to the most hardcore of sim enthusiasts with an interest in trains. Also I would remind any reader of this review that I haven't in fact played the PC or Dreamcast version of this game but I may look into them seeing as I still like the idea of this title.

P.S. The graphics and sound are really bad too.