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Strange, the game in the top 10 but no forums posts. I did a little investigation on the game and there are no classes, and it's all skill based. Oh, and it's being built with FTP in mind from the git-go. Iv'e been waiting for an action game like this. My hope is that it's something like Mount and Blade the MMO. I wish Tera did it for me, but it wasn't my cup of tea. Maybe this can satify my thirst.

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Oh wow, it sounds just like UO, Darkfall, Mortal Online, and Earth Rise! This will be so great! Oh, wait...

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There are classes....

Defender, Bezerker, Sorcerer, Cleric.

You just aren't locked to one archetype/class/job though.  You can be Cleric/Defender and heal and tank... etc.  Later on in the game it is better to go hybrid than to go pure.

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Yeah, I'm wondering why the game is number one most discussed on Gamespot too. Seems like another grinding mmo to me.
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Yeah, I'm wondering why the game is number one most discussed on Gamespot too. Seems like another grinding mmo to me.Pvt_r3d
It is more or less, the quests I've run into so far are your absolutely typical go kill x amount of these or collect x amount of that fluff. But strangely enough, it didn't bore me at all (that's quite an achievement too, since I generally give up after the third grind quest), guess its the decent hack and slash combat system that kept me going. All in all its turning out to be quite a fun game so far, definitely worth trying out.
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my experience of the game is still too brief, but so far Ive found the graphics on par with any of the mayor MMOs. cutscenes are good I especially appreciate the one when the chief craftsman gives you a thumbs up after crafting a weapon.

its mostly grinding so far, but action combat mixed with good dodging keeps it exciting, to that added that you can take a defeated enemies weapon and for a brief time period wield it yourself; some enemies also drop meat you can eat to restore health and there are some barrels in the village you can pick up and for a period of time throw them and watch them explode in your enemies faces.

characters and scenery is well designed if not spectacular.

I specially like that if you see someone fighting against an enemy you need to fight to complete a quest, you can just jump in anyway and complete it simultaneously.

So far I dont see much if anything I can complain about this game. Ill see what I discover after a few more hours.

at this point I highly recomend this game

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Reaching level 13

At this point I have a better view of the game, and am able to give a more informed opinion at least for early players.


Yes its a grinder, but the combat will keep you on your toes and just when you think its getting a bit monotomous, the developers throw a curb ball like, letting you handle a special weapon.

Youll never need to buy a weapon or armor, youll craft those items yourself.

There is never a lack of help, and just because someone is allready hitting that big baddie you need to complete the quest if you join in youll still be able to account that kill to the quest you are doing.

Class customization- although you choose an innitial class - Berserker, Defender, sorcerer, cleric. at about lvl 10 you get to unlock the capacity to choose skills from other classes, thus you can have added skills from each class.

REARRANGE- although it took me a while to figure out how to sell items I dont need to vendors I was finally able to figure it out, whats more vendors have - rearrange- which takes away all the guess work, letting you know which items you will definitely not need and can sell without future remorse. Rearrange will not however consider any armor or weapons youve allready outleveled, so youll have to sell those by hand.


Only one race- sorry no dwarves or elves or beastly races to choose from, humans are the only race. likewise only one startup location, at least so far.

Combat does have its flaws, though your character does count on moves of its own, these are less than a handfull and youll mostly be using you skill boxes, just like any other mmo, with the difference that youve no lock on your enemy or him/her on you, so you better be sure where you hit if you want to get ahead.

Dungeons are easy, you wont loose your way nor need to fear for traps, just run down an easily discernible path and kill whatever is in the way.

the downside of Party Quests or Big bosses is that its first come first served, youll get credit for the kill if you are in one, but unless you are the first one to strike the beast you wont get any loot. Since Ive only done this while playing solo I dont know if FORMED PARTIES will share on the loot regardless of who hits first.

at level 13 I still havent gotten a mount, nor have any idea of how to get one.

thats all for now.