Now THIS Is What I'm Talking About!

User Rating: 7.5 | Raiden IV (Limited Edition) X360
Raiden IV is awesome. It has that fantastic old-school coin-op arcade game feel to it that keeps me coming back to play it time after time. The sheer amount of firepower from both you and your enemies fills the screen with laser blasts, and it sometimes becomes hard to see where you are, but that's OK! Apart from the normal playthrough mode (called XBOX360 mode), there are three other modes of play. Leaderboards play allows you to run through the game in order to see how you stack up against other players, Score Attack mode needs no real explination, as the title says it all, and then there's a mode you unlock by clearing XBOX360 mode called Boss Battle. It allows you to go back and just face up against the bosses at the end of the games 14 levels. This can be helpful for future playthroughs. The game also features a 2-Player local co-op mode, and a strange mode called Double Play, in which you take control of TWO ships at once, using both thumbsticks to control and both shoulder buttons to fire. I can't really play on this mode, because my reflexes aren't that high. Overall, though, this game comes highly recommended to anyone who owns a 360, who has played the previous Raiden game, or for anyone who loves coin-op arcade games from yesteryear.