A disgrace to shooter fans.

User Rating: 5.6 | Raiden III PS2
Raiden, like Gradius and R-Type, is one of the "old school" games i remember playing in the arcades. Ah the fond memories of those long lost shooters which have gone the way of the hair bands. Lots of action, precise control and aiming, and huge bosses to top it off. The latter two games i mentioned have since evolved, adding extra strategic elements to the shooter genre which keeps the games fresh and fun to play. Raiden on the other hand, has taken a seat and never gets back up.

The problem i have with this game is that while it is a decent shooter to play, nothing new is brought to the table. Nothing. Same three weapons, same missles, same slow-ass ship. Yep thats right, imagine upgrading your weapons to the max only to have your ship slowly take its time across the screen. Its frustrating and it gets old quick when you die over and over again because of it. This hurts the fun factor in one way.

Another is the graphics. True, theyre not THAT bad, but Gradius V came out years ago and still looks better than this. Bland textures on the landscape are rampant throughout the game. Cmon guys its 2007!! Tweak it some!! Plus since this is a vertical shooter, the screen has to be adjusted properly. While it can be stretched a little bit within the game settings, expect it to fill no more than 60% of your television.
Gameplay: Raiden has gone the route of Gigawing Generations and has become a constant enemy and bullet filled screen. CONSTANTLY. No brain breaks whatsoever here. No time to actually see where i can break through the 10 million bullets that fly onscreen, (which move FAST even on the normal setting). Just tons and tons of enemies from every direction firing repeatetly. Good thing they let me customize the game to have 7 bombs per life; I found myself using one every 5 seconds only to die, and restart the process all over again. The bosses are a joke; while they look intimidating, all i had to do was fire 3 or 4 bombs and theyre toast.
Do you like party dance mix music? I dont, and the music here drove me absolutley insane. There's nothing wrong with techno music, but let me put it this way; If you asked a computer to create the most generic techno beat songs, then Raiden III has them. Easily forgettable and nothing special.

Avoid this game. There are much better shooters out there for the PS2, like Gradius V and R-Type Final. THOSE are shooters that rule them all. Raiden III is an old-man stubbern in his ways and unwilling to change. Goodbye Raiden, nice knowing you!