Great arcade shmup fun, but nothing new to get excited about.

User Rating: 7.2 | Raiden III PS2
Ahhh, Raiden III. Been a long time and I didn't know it was coming stateside so I imported it. Turns out, it's really not as much as I was expecting. I mean, it's more of the same, which is good, but it's also more of the same, which is lackluster. The controls are the same good old fly around, hold the fire button, sometimes press the bomb button so no worries on that front. However, for a true sequel, which isn't necessary sicne shmup fans need no story, the boss battles should've been more fun. Don't get me wrong, these top-down shooters are great fun but they're not two things: games with a lot of variety or games longer than 30 minutes. And since this game could've had cooler music, better designs, more intense (or even intense-looking) firefights, I don't think it should've been more than $15.

Is it good? Yes.
Is it worth $30? No.
Is it worth $20? Kinda but you can simply get Castle Shikigami 2 for cheaper.

I say Gamefly it and play it a few times since the replay on this baby isn't too high. It's not as hard as Ibara or Espgaluda but it's also not as much fun.