Raiden 3 a real arcade game!

User Rating: 8.2 | Raiden III PS2
I have always wanted an arcade cabanit at home...and i wanted it to be it was 1, 2 or Trad....but now i have 3!!! and its great!! i mean obviously for 30$ i was expecting alot more bang for my buck but what i get is a very satisfying package with Raiden...which is what i always wanted in the first place.

Graphics. A little sharper and brighter than average Raiden graphics but nothings really been done to the core graphics system, sure a little intro movie here and the backgrounds look alot more detailed, but over all its really the same old Raiden some really hard core arcade fans have come to know and love.

Gameplay. Common' man you dont go and buy Raiden unless you know what your getting into!

Bad parts...Well yeah 30$ is rather harsh... and there's not alot of content....well bearly any content to be more truthful...but its a classic arcade game brought home to the home consols, and thats all its really meant to be and i beleive it accomplishes that very well.

Final verdict. Fans of the series, go out and get it! we've got some little ships to shoot! newcommers, welcome to the wounderfully difficult and action packed world of Raiden, where one little red ship terrorizes thausands of bases and other ships!