Raiden III is finally some food for all Shoot´em up junkies

User Rating: 7.5 | Raiden III PS2
The Good:
+It´s fair
+4 Screen Options
+Menu 95% in English
+2 Player-Mode...

The Bad:
-...which is quite chaotic
-only 3 Weapons
-could look better
-nothing Special at all

I´ll keep it short again,because there is not that much to say about this game.Why?It´s and Shooter from the Birds-Eye-View with nothing special.Friends of Raiden 1+2 will be happy that nothing has really changed,except 1 new weapon and the (a bit ugly) 3D-Backgrounds.Worth mentioning is that the game is always fair and that you have an Practice difficulty ,which means the enemys doesn´t shoot.Nice Idea to take an easy look on the levels and enemy formations.
For fans of BEV-Shooter and for fans of the Raiden series it´s worth a look,because there are not that many Shoot´em ups out there and this is not a bad one.