User Rating: 5 | Ragnarok: Hikari to Yami no Koujo PSP
This review is going to be bias.

Ragnarok Tactics is a solid strategy game but in what seems to be an effort to not stray from the path of the mechanics of a strategy game it becomes rather plain.

In terms of gameplay, there is not much to look at. There's your standard "special" attacks but somewhat it doesn't alleviate the game's plainness.

The story is slightly good though. You start off knowing each characters from the 3 different faction. After that, you'll get to choose missions and sides in these 3 factions.

The job or types of unit that you can use here are the usual tanker, spellcaster, healer, and ranger that any good strategy game has. Sadly, it lacks the sophistication of the game that it tries to derive from. There's no such thing as job/class progression.

Now here I'll become much more subjective in my review. You can choose from a class of tier 3 jobs or professions. In RO, this are what you called the 3rd Jobs. Basically, this are attained after months of grinding and are much obviously stronger than their previous professions. Now, since when do a Lord Knight has only Bash as his/her starting skill? A swordsman can learn that. Yeah, I know enough to never underestimate tier 1 skills but that generally reinforced my point - no job/class progression.

Ragnarok Tactics might have been good if it incorporated the job system of RO. Let just say, you could start of as a Thief and then later on you'll have the option to choose from becoming an Assassin or a Rouge. It could've been that good in which Ragnarok Tactics is not. And which makes it a solid strategy game in what seems to be an effort of not straying from the basic mechanics of a strategy game makes it rather plain.