big fan of monster hunter but undecided on this one

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Im a huge fan of monster hunter freedom and so i was really looking forward to this game when i read that it's similar to that game and it has online play. One of the biggest problems that i had with mh was that it didnt have online play but was a blast to play with friends. so Ive been reading a bunch of reviews on this game and one of the most common complaints was that the game is repetitive. So my first question. Is it just a lack of maps and monsters that makes this game repetitive or is it more than that? As a fan of mh i don't mind not having a huge selection of enemies to fight. This was because they were so challenging and it was fun to learn their move set. Which brings me to my second question. How's the difficulty? I hear it's not as difficult as mh but by how much? Another question. how is the selection of loot? Is there different armor for different classes or is it one size fits all? Is there certain weapons that certain classes cant use? And do you have to go out and hunt monsters to get materials for it like in mh or do you earn money and just buy them with that? Also, what's the deal with the cards? Do you need to go get materials for these as well or are they just bought in store? And finally, my last question. Imo the battle system for mh is almost perfection. Some people may find it slow but i found that it is actually very strategic in a way. You have to pick your punches. In reviews for RO, ive read that the battle system is pretty fun at first but it eventually devolves into mindless button mashing. Is this true? Thanks to anybody who answers and I know im asking a lot of questions but im only planning on buying one more vita game for the rest of the year. Should this be it?