worst ending in a game for years? [SPOILERS]

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so I just completed this and was utterly gobsmacked by how pants the ending was. I mean no boss, no resolution and barely any kind of info at the end, just a vista of arks opening out of the ground and thats it... **** you very much and good night is basically what I thought... I mean I felt like there might actually be a pay off the way all the residents of subway town were talking to me about my mission to kick the authorities ass but nothing... obviously they want a sequel but this is just shameful programing and might as well be false advertising let alone anything else


anyone else horribly disappointed?

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It did feel rushed. I enjoyed the game so much that the last part seemed a bit of a damp squib. Hoping for a part two. The strange thing is, there was a few bosses in the game that would have slotted in at the end, so its not like they couldn't do a good end boss!
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exactly! the bosses during the game were brilliant, so it was sooo bizarre to have nothing at all at the end! They should do a DLC to provide an ending... I was expecting to come face to face with someone from the authority and get some context, back story or character development, I don't like it when your main character is a faceless, expressionless avatar that has no... well... character! lol. but yeah I hope they do an expansion or continuation

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Total agreement. I just finished and the end level was ridiculously easy (well, i played on normal) with the authority gun and I spent all my money so I had so many items it wasn't a challenge. After the amazing giant mutant boss fight I was expecting an even tougher more awesome boss at the end but... you turn on the last computer and it's over. Oh and a movie of some beam in space...........

I enjoyed all of the game up to that point and now I hate it >:|

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yeah the other boss fights in the game made it seem like it was building up to an awesome show down with something massive... but no it felt like a wet fart... that's how disappointed I was

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I felt the whole game was missing info. The lore of the game is practically non-existant. I woulda gave it a 6/10 myself. I beat it in 10 hours on normal and have no desire to replay it.

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Yeah I had to check Youtube to be sure that I finished the game.