Rage Room Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 32 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    10 Decapitations A head of the game
    Break off a dummy's head with the toy glove Ages 5+
    Unlock all weapons Arms race master
    Get 10 kills with nail or regular boxing gloves Brawler
    10 Broken Legs Break a leg
    (no official description) Can’t touch this
    Destroy 50 dummies with a baseball bat Come out to play-yay!
    Destroy a dummy in under 60 seconds Deadly Efficiency
    10 drones destroyed Destruction of Company Property
    Destroy 25 dummies with the scythe Don’t Fear the Reaper
    Complete the first level of the game First day on the job
    Destroy 5 drones with the bat Fly Swat
    Destroy 5 drones with a football Go long
    Destroy 10 dummies with a steel chair He’s got a steel chair!
    Destroy 5 dummies with the balloon hammer How did this work?
    Destroy 100 dummies I love this Job!
    Use the fidget spinner for the first time Is this still cool?
    Destroy over 9000 dummies It’s over 9000!
    10 arms broken Need a hand?
    Destroy 5 dummies with throwing knives Ninja Master
    Destroy 5 drones with the bubble gun Non-lethal lethal weapon master
    (no official description) Not covered by insurance
    Destroy 25 dummies with landmines Perfect placement
    Destroy 1000 dummies Putting in some overtime!
    Unlock all accessories Shopaholic
    Destroy 5 dummies with bubble gun Soapy Clean!
    Destroy 20 drones with the crossbow The Drone Sniper
    Keep the dummy in the air for 10 seconds The floor is lava
    Get 50 kills with the gravity gun The Force
    Take longer than 15 mins to destroy dummy Unsatisfactory Performance
    Destroy 5000 dummies When do I get a promotion?
    (no official description) Who’s the dummy?

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer