MANY FF HRs, Referal cards, HRs, Rares!

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(Selling) 13K Grim Mina, 11.9K DK Luci, 13.2K&13.5K Valk Hild! Also 14K LE, 4-7 13.7K SKL2 Dancing Princess, and 13.2k Ares Sk5. MAX: Lovely Elf++, Archdaemon, Nightmare, Odysseus, Ax Master, Master Witch, Master Gunner, Elaine am], Ares, Maya. Half Enhanced: Archdaemon, Ares, Maya, Cybele, Elaine, Ax Master, Master Witch, Sektor. All Rares 2HP, MAX Rares 5HP Looking for Fairy Princess, Michael, or HP. Well consider other offers. Statistics: 90% of offers rejected. Major lowball = Block. Don't ask for price. Support offers on RoB, I don't check here often. IGN: ProfessorSpank