Rage begin a bit lame at start, but turns out to be good later

User Rating: 8 | Rage PC
As always I love reading other player reviews.
From some reason criticism tends to be personal and too much.

Just to remind you all: Rage is a FPS game which luckily also have several elements taken from RPG games which turns out to be just fine.

Rage, as a FPS game, is a fair and interesting game.
In fact it is sometimes a great game and always has the correct atmosphere.
You can carry several weapons but can only equip four types of weapons.
Every weapon has more than one type of ammunition which turned out to be just what a player needs when it comes to hard enemies / mutants.

Travelling from one place to another is done by your vehicle.
In order to enhance it you must complete races so you can buy & get specific upgrades which are really needed.

Rage also requires extra effort in earning money. You really need this money in order to fuel yourself with weapon upgrades and especially ammo.
You see: most FPS games provide the player from the start point with a basic gun and an unlimited ammo. This is a technique that most FPS do these days.

I was surprised to see that in Rage, you get the basic gun but you must always find ways to buy or get ammo because ammo is always limited.
I think that it is great and it successfully emulates life.

You can assemble special weapons, bandages, adrenaline rush by gathering objects scattered in the game area.

The environment in the game is good, the music really adds to the dark atmosphere and the voices are professional.

The cons:
The game path is mostly linear. I cannot say i like this but it turns out to be less important than i though because of the good inside action.

I know there are people that expected this game to be something else.
Maybe the expectation were not filled but Rage is still a good FPS game.

I myself really enjoy playing it.