Nice game with unsual colours and very repetitives

User Rating: 8 | RAGE 2 XONE

This game has a great potential. It starts slightly slow. But it builds through the game. The main story is very straight forward. There are only few main objectives, however, to unlock some main mission, there is needed to progress through doing some secondary missions. I tried to level up as much as possible in order to make easier the game through the final missions.

The story is fine. Not to deep but not too boring. The graphics are very nice after the very first mission.

I have not completed most of the secondary missions because I did not see the point of wasting time on that. However, I never felt bored and as soon as I started the game I played it to finish it. Always fun and challenging but no frustrating.

Now, that we are in quarantine, it can be beat in two long days and it will be enjoyed... No need to go through the side mission, just recommending to reach level 10 to each of the main characters to make in easier to the end.